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Ningbo Lis Industrial Co., Ltd is advaned China Paraffin Washing Gun Manufacturers and Pneumatic/Air Paraffin Washing Gun factory. Our products have passed certificates of CE, GS, etc. Product quality is the key to gaining a larger share of the market. Lis has always been pursuing highest standards for product quality. We have a strong R& D team, in addition to OEM according to the drawings or samples provided by customers, we can also provide ODM and OEM services according to customer needs. By now, Lis has established a worldwide marketing and service network. Our products are widely sold into Europe, North America, Middle East, South Africa and East Asia, and developed a good business relationship in those countries and areas. pneumatic/air car paraffin/washing gun customizable.

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Industry Knowledge

What is Car Paraffin Washing Gun?
A car paraffin washing gun is a tool used for cleaning vehicles. It works by heating paraffin wax to a high temperature and spraying it onto the car's surface. The hot wax dissolves grease, grime, and other debris, making it easier to wash the car. It typically consists of a gun-shaped handle with a trigger, a container for the paraffin wax, and a nozzle that sprays the wax onto the car's surface. Some models may also have adjustable settings for the pressure and flow rate of the wax. The melted wax is usually followed by a high-pressure water wash to remove the dissolved dirt and wax residue. The car paraffin washing gun is often used in car washes or auto detailing shops to provide deep cleaning and shine to a vehicle's exterior.
Use of the Car Paraffin Washing Gun
1. Deep Cleaning: The car paraffin washing gun is used to provide a deep cleaning of a vehicle's exterior, dissolving dirt and grime that regular washing may not remove.
2. Protecting Paint: The hot wax can help protect the paint from weathering and other environmental elements, preserving its shine and luster.
3. Removing Stains: The high temperature of the wax can effectively remove stubborn stains from the vehicle's surface.
4. Improving Gloss: The melted wax can add a glossy shine to the car's paint, making it look newer and well-maintained.
5. Saving Time: The car paraffin washing gun can be a time-saving tool for car washes and auto detailing shops, allowing for a quicker and more efficient cleaning process.
6. Environmental Benefit: Paraffin wax is a biodegradable substance, making the car paraffin washing gun an environmentally friendly cleaning option.
The composition of the Car Paraffin Washing Gun
1. Heating Element: An electric heating element or a gas torch that heats the paraffin wax.
2. Wax Container: Holds the paraffin wax and is connected to the heating element.
3. Nozzle: Directs the flow of melted wax onto the car's surface.
4. Trigger: Activates the flow of melted wax when pulled.
5. Hose: Connects the wax container to the nozzle for easy flow of melted wax.
6. Handle: Provides a grip for the user to hold the gun while in use.
7. Temperature Control: Regulates the temperature of the melted wax, ensuring a consistent and controlled flow.
8. Safety Features: Safety features such as automatic shut-off and over-heat protection may be included to prevent accidents.
9. Power Source: An electrical outlet or a gas tank may be required as the power source for the heating element.

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