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Ningbo Lis Industrial Co., Ltd is advaned China Economical Conventional Spray Guns Manufacturers and Economical Conventional Spray Guns factory. Our products have passed certificates of CE, GS, etc. Product quality is the key to gaining a larger share of the market. Lis has always been pursuing highest standards for product quality. We have a strong R& D team, in addition to OEM according to the drawings or samples provided by customers, we can also provide ODM and OEM services according to customer needs. By now, Lis has established a worldwide marketing and service network. Our products are widely sold into Europe, North America, Middle East, South Africa and East Asia, and developed a good business relationship in those countries and areas. Economical Conventional Spray Guns customizable.

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Industry Knowledge

What are Economical Conventional Spray Guns?
Economic conventional spray guns are low-cost spray guns that use conventional air spray technology to atomize and spray paint or other coatings. They are designed for basic coating applications and are often used in small-scale or DIY projects. They offer an affordable and simple solution for those who do not require high-end, professional-grade equipment. They are commonly used in automotive and industrial painting, as well as in woodworking and other craft projects. Accuracy and application consistency are the hallmarks of professional hand-held spray guns. Its ergonomic design reduces shoulder pressure and provides easy maneuverability, while a high-quality hose quickly cleans up to maintain optimum performance. Conveniently adjust the fan pattern angle for an even coat with minimal overspray or for select applications in corners and hard-to-reach areas.
Benefits of the Economical Conventional Spray Guns
Cost-effective: Conventional spray guns are less expensive compared to HVLP or LVLP spray guns.
Versatility: They can be used for a variety of applications and materials, such as painting cars, furniture, and even large surfaces.
High transfer efficiency: Conventional spray guns can transfer a high amount of paint onto the surface, reducing the amount of material wasted.
Easy to use: Conventional spray guns are simple and straightforward to use, making them ideal for DIY projects.
Durable: Conventional spray guns are built with sturdy materials and are designed to last for a long time.
1. Adjustable spray pattern and fluid control
2. Lightweight and ergonomic design
3. Durable and long-lasting components
4. Low overspray and high transfer efficiency
5. Versatility for use with a variety of coatings and materials.

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