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Since 1984, unity ,Sincere,
exploration and innovation have been
the core values of LIS.

Lis Value

From its early days, LIS has built and developed a strong foundation of values that continue to define and guide us today. You could even say that these timeless values are the foundation of LIS. Every employee lives these values every day.

Our core values allow us to work together to keep improving and innovating.
  • Unity
  • Sincere
  • Exploration
  • Innovation
These values is our commitment to our customers:
we are committed to achieving innovation and superior quality service

Quality - this is everyone's responsibility

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services, so we make wise choices to ensure exceptional quality is demonstrated in everything we do every day. To be precise, at LIS, all employees are responsible for the quality of their work. Our team continues to improve, from the beginning to ensure that the quality of the product design side into each link.


Choose LIS, means that you can continue to invest in stable sales of quality products. In addition, we also work with customers to better understand how you use our products in the field, and then use your experience to improve performance and durability.

Our goal is to make the life, reliability and performance of our spray gun exceed your expectations every day

Innovation -- means better products

We have more than 20 engineers, professional laboratories, contracted professional design companies, cooperation with a number of universities, through continuous innovation to follow the footsteps of customers.


Choose LIS, means you will have a more convenient,
cost-effective spraying tools.

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