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What You Need To Know About A Washing Gun

A washing gun features a high-pressure air input, a large water output volume, and is impact-resistant. The gun's trigger activates the automatic cleaning process, which can start or stop automatically depending on your preference. It can also draw detergent into the gun, generating a high-density foam. This will help you wash items in a quick, efficient manner. Depending on the type of cleaning task you need to do, a washing gun will be ideal for you.

High-pressure wash guns are designed to work at pressures of up to 640 bar and 60 l/min. The handle is made of soft rubber, ensuring maximum comfort while using the pressure washer. The stainless steel body of this washing gun is ideal for industrial cleaning applications, including paint removal and hydro-sandblasting. In addition to its excellent performance, this pressure washer also features safety features and a durable, reliable build. This means that you'll have no problems with a water-pressure safety issue, either.

A pressure washer gun is an excellent option for cleaning surfaces that are hard to reach with a regular cleaning process. It connects to a pressure washer and directs a narrow stream of water. You can use the gun to power-wash a driveway, siding, or grill, or detail a vehicle. Because it has a high PSI (pounds per square inch), a pressure washer gun is perfect for cleaning all types of surfaces with a high-pressure spray.

While you can replace individual parts of a pressure washer gun if it breaks down, it's better to purchase a brand-new pressure washer instead of repairing a used one. Aside from this, you can run cool water through your system to clean it and make it last longer. While you're at it, make sure to run cool water through the system after using it for a long time. This will prevent your pressure washer from experiencing damage due to overheating.

A good pressure washer gun is as versatile as a pair of good shoes. It has a trigger and a grip that fits your hands perfectly. The angle and distance between the trigger guard need to be adjusted to get the best ergonomics. You should also consider your hand size and angle, as well as how strong you grip the handle. 

When buying a pressure washer gun, make sure you consider its GPM and flow. The higher the GPM, the better. For instance, if you're using a sg-2 machine, you should choose a pressure washer gun with a flow of 5.50 GPM. The higher the GPM, the less restriction it will cause to downstream injectors, which will help the cleaner draw the chemical from the gun.

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