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An HVLP spray gun is a type of low-pressure paint spray gun

HVLP Spray Gun
An HVLP spray gun is a type of low-pressure paint spray gun that can be used to apply paint and stains. These spray guns are typically used in automotive body shops. They are easier to use than other types of spray guns and offer more versatility and value. They can spray most types of paints, including stains and varnish. This model comes with a 1.8-millimeter nozzle, which makes it easy to spray most types of paints. It also allows users to adjust the air pressure and fluid flow for different spray patterns.
Another benefit of an HVLP spray gun is the reduced emissions and waste that it produces. While conventional spray guns typically generate a 40 percent efficiency rating, a properly trained HVLP operator can reach 60 percent or higher. Besides lower waste, these spray guns also produce less VOCs than conventional guns. In order to control VOCs, you can also use filters in your painting booth.
The HVLP spray gun is available in two different versions. The first has a turbine to change the high pressure, while the second one has chambers to regulate the pressure. Both require a powerful compressor and a 20-gallon storage tank. A good air filter between the spray gun and tank can reduce the chances of overspray.
The HVLP spray gun is available in many sizes and configurations. Choose one that suits your needs. Several types of HVLP sprayers are available, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, a 2-stage model has two fans and a turbine, while a three-stage HVLP spray gun uses three fans to generate up to six PSI of pressure. Similarly, a four-stage HVLP spray gun uses four fans and can deliver up to nine PSI of air.
Compared to brush-based application, an HVLP spray gun allows for much better paint application and is much more efficient. It has a range of 5-10 times the coverage of brush coatings. It also has adjustable air pressure and fluid flow that allows users to control the size of the spray pattern. It is also quiet and easy to clean.
HVLP spray guns are the preferred choice for small projects, especially those requiring vertical painting. The lower pressure of an HVLP gun reduces the likelihood of paint runs. Airless sprayers, on the other hand, can throw large amounts of paint onto a surface, which can lead to paint runs.
The HVLP spray gun is more efficient and cost-effective than other types of spray guns. The air pressure used in an HVLP spray gun allows a finer mist to be created. This allows for smooth, even finishes. A HVLP spray gun is much easier to control than other types of spray guns. HVLP spray guns require less cleanup and are better for the environment. Additionally, a HVLP spray gun can atomize a greater volume of paint at a lower pressure, making it easier to achieve precise spray patterns.
An HVLP spray gun can be ordered with a variety of atomizing sets. Depending on the concentration of solids and viscosity of the coating, you'll want to choose the right set for the job. You may need more than one set if you need to switch between different types of materials.

Voylet LS30 Pneumatic HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun 20oz Cup

・ Plastic Coating
・ Automotive Coating
・ Metal Coating
・ Woodwork Coating

1. the thread of fluid screw is perfectly suitable for cup, without seal and still couldn’t leak.

2.Forged aluminium body, fine polished and anodized

3、 The robust air cap is made of chrome-plated brass, while paint needle and fluid tip are manufactured from tempered stainless steel.

4、All control elements can be easily operated

5、360°swivel joint, avoid hose twisting and relieve your wrist

6、Improved atomizing performance

Fluid Nozzle(mm)(etc):1.3 / 1.7 / 2.0

Air pressure(PSI): 29

Capacity of Cup(ML): 600

Feed Type: Gravity

Air Inlet: G1/4”

Carton size(cm)(10pcs/ctn):64.5 * 34 * 24.5

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