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How to solve the clogging problem of Airless Spray Gun during use?

As an efficient and convenient painting tool, Airless Spray Gun is widely used in construction, automobiles, furniture and other industries. However, during use, sometimes the spray gun is clogged, which not only affects work efficiency, but may also lead to a decrease in coating quality. Therefore, it is crucial to master the methods to solve the problem of Airless Spray Gun clogging.
Understanding the cause of your clog problem is key to solving it. Airless Spray Gun clogging is usually caused by impurities, particles or dry matter in the paint clogging the nozzle or line. In addition, long periods of disuse or improper maintenance may cause clogging.
In response to these problems, the following are some effective solutions:
Clean nozzles and lines: Regular cleaning of nozzles and lines is key to preventing clogs. Before and after each use, clean water or special cleaning agent should be used to flush the nozzle and pipeline to ensure that there is no residual paint. For stubborn clogs, a fine needle or special tool can be used to clear them.
Filter paint: Before spraying, use a suitable filter to filter the paint to remove impurities and particles, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of clogging. At the same time, make sure the paint used meets the requirements of the Airless Spray Gun and avoid using expired or deteriorated paint.
Keep the gun body clean: In addition to the nozzle and pipeline, the cleaning of the gun body is also equally important. Avoid using it in an environment with a lot of dust and impurities, and clean the paint residue on the gun body promptly after use.
Proper Use and Maintenance: Follow the Airless Spray Gun's instructions for proper operation and maintenance of the device. Avoid long-term continuous use and take a break when necessary to reduce the burden on the equipment. At the same time, the equipment should be maintained and maintained regularly, such as replacing worn parts, checking sealing, etc.
If the above methods still cannot solve the blockage problem, it is recommended to contact professional maintenance personnel for inspection. They can perform more in-depth inspections and repairs on equipment to ensure proper operation.
To solve the problem of clogging of the Airless Spray Gun during use, we need to start from many aspects. By regularly cleaning, filtering paint, keeping the gun body clean, and correctly using and maintaining equipment, clogging problems can be effectively prevented and solved, and work efficiency and coating quality can be improved.

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