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Graco makes spray paint guns that work well for home improvement and exterior painting projects

Texture Paint Spray Guns
Texture Paint Spray Guns are used for a wide variety of decorative applications. The basic features of a texture gun are the same as those of ordinary paint spray guns. They feature a hopper, nozzle, and pump. The nozzle regulates the thickness of the spray, and a compressor forces the texture paint from the hopper to the surface. For smaller jobs, a self-contained texture gun is best.
 Control Max 1700 Pro professional paint gun
Graco makes spray paint guns that work well for home improvement and exterior painting projects. These paint guns use a one-gallon container and have 0.60 horsepower. The ControlMax 1700 Pro spray gun is a great choice for painting walls, fences and decks. It has an adjustable nozzle that allows you to spray paint at your preferred rate. It also comes with a 30 foot hose so you can spray in any direction.
 Airless paint sprayer
The HSS9950 is a professional grade airless paint sprayer with all the features painters look for. Its high-quality hydraulics and paint pump deliver maximum performance and durability. Plus, it has a large, high-torque electric motor that reduces maintenance costs and prolongs packing life. The HSS9950 comes with a power roller attachment that helps maximize output while reducing labor costs.
Teccpo cheap paint gun
This spray gun features an adjustable volume dial, a 6.56-foot power cord, and a lightweight design that makes it easy to handle. It also comes with a two-year quality guarantee. If you're worried about a quality issue, TECCPO backs up its products with a satisfaction guarantee.
Astro cheap paint gun
The Astro brand is known for producing inexpensive spray guns. This manufacturer of spray guns also offers a wide variety of other products, from classic tools to innovative ones. The Astro brand was established over 40 years ago by the Fisher family, who have become experts in importing, distributing, and sourcing tools. In addition to bringing cheap spray guns to the market, the Astro brand focuses on quality. Hence, you can expect different prices and types of tools for different purposes.
Avid Power latex paint sprayer
When it comes to paint sprayers, the Avid Power latex paint sprayer is one of the best options. It features adjustable flow control and a large 1200 ml paint tank. The spray gun also features three copper spray nozzles and a viscosity cup. In addition, the machine includes a user manual, shoulder strap, and a cleaning brush. This paint sprayer is a great choice for large, exterior household projects.
Neu Master car paint sprayer
The Neu Master car paint sprayer comes with 3 different spray patterns - horizontal, vertical, and circular. Its adjustable flow control knob allows you to adjust the spray pressure for a perfect spray. The user-friendly design helps even a beginner use the sprayer. In addition, friendly customer service is available to answer any questions you may have. Weighing the pros and cons of this paint sprayer, we recommend that you purchase one if you need to paint a car.
Graco TC Pro professional paint sprayer
Whether you're a painter, a contractor, or just an average homeowner, the Graco TC Pro professional paint spray gun is a great option. The DeWalt 20-volt lithium battery powers this device, and it can spray unthinned paints and primers from any direction. TC Pro Control technology allows you to adjust the output pressure and spray speed to meet your needs.
Graco TC Pro
If you need a powerful texture paint spray gun, the TC Pro is your best bet. The TC Pro's 20V lithium battery allows it to spray primers and unthinned paints in any direction. This tool also features TC Pro Control technology, which allows you to control the spray speed and output pressure. As a result, the TC Pro is one of the easiest texture paint spray guns to use, and it is designed for professional-quality results.
 Control Max 1700 Pro airless paint sprayer
The  ControlMax 1700 Pro Airless Paint Sprayer has a high-efficiency HEA pump and a 515-mm tip, making it ideal for painting garages, fences, decks, and more. This sprayer is also equipped with a 30-foot hose and a low-pressure indicator to ensure you get an even application every time. It has a 0.6-horsepower HEA pump and a flow rate of 0.33 GPM.

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